segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

"She’s a vagabond, a roving maid"

She’s a vagabond, a roving maid
Among the knots of my own thought.
This resting watcher, regard him not!
For his devotion for thee shall fade.

In this world where love I sought
All shall cease, and fall, and die,
So why would I this rule defy
And swear my love, if love I’ll not?

And still thou, fair dreamed lass
Sighs thy tender love, and alas!
Thou dost thy lips from me deny.

So be on earth my hopes all fled,
I’ll keep me from thy earthly bed,
For a kiss shall cease and fall, and die.

5 comentários:

  1. Eu preciso voltar a ler, estou com saudades - e cansado do que eu tenho aqui, quero meu Musashi de volta.

  2. pretty good!
    coisas como essa mudam a minha maneira de ver o dia

  3. Nice- I'm not exactly sure what to call it. Poem?
    You don't know me, but Daniel does, and I think Pedro will soon, through another writing project. I don't speak Portuguese, so can't understand a lot on this site, but I like your versions of old English :) Take care, continue the nice writing

  4. Danke Sophie, you're very kind, i'd like to check the stuff you write too. Oh, and it's a sonnet, by the way.

  5. I didn't reply: but just thought something. Daniel will get a book soon (when people in Austria are organised :P) which has lots of work in. He has some photos there, and I have some writing. Ask him to see :) liebe grüße!