segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010


Ludovico Einaudi - Monday

Monday air, cloudy air
In white misty mood
The factories’ smoke rises.
Time is straight
Time is strayed
Hours delayed, thoughts conveyed,
White misty mood,
Grey straying smoke.

Monday, memories of dreams,
Mindless steps reaching to
A blank mirage.
Sleepy, unwilling,
Anonymously feeling.
Sights fly aloft the clouds, grey, soft.
The eyes cannot see
The mind ignores.
White misty mood
Grey straying clouds.

Monday, silent poetry,
Beauties, colors, unseen
Shining opacity.
Unreachable to time
All-mystified in dreams
Dull, forgotten, nude
Grey straying mood.
Memories, visions, emblems
Oblivion, fog, where we lose them.
Monday, white misty mood,
Mondays, grey straying life.

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