domingo, 6 de junho de 2010


It is imperative that a being, in order to identify itself
As such, must first of all acknowledge being not only
“What”, but also “when” and “where”. Still, to try it
Is such a Homeric endeavor that is almost ridiculous
To presume it’s even possible, and such improbability
Is the ultimate reason for man’s need for spirituality.
You see, sometimes I don’t even know what what
Means, or what what may refer to, or what argument
Could satisfyingly answer the questions involving what.
“Where” and “when” are maybe easier, but still too
Relative to precise in an absolute certainty, for space
And duration are ever-changing and ever-expanding
And maybe reaching out to infinity, which would imply
That the existence of when or where is not actually
Relevant to the problem of the being itself, but only
“What” could reveal the nature of it in its (un)temporality
And position (or the total lack of it). Still, only to admit this
Possibility is falling into the absurd, where every good
Argument is reduced into madness and idle mumbling,
Except if we could really know the essence of the being
By finding the answer to what, whatever it might be,
Then would we behold such a colossal sight, which I think
To be impossible to achieve. So what’s the effort all about?
Why make so much fuzz around something that appears
Unattainable? Well, we like to flirt with the idea
That we can do the undoable.

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