sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011


The wind brought your cigarette
To my doorstep,
The stain of your lipstick in it.
The ashes scattered around
Like the universe in formation
Remind me of the loves you built
And all the hearts you broke.
Should I burn with it too?
Alone in this night so thick
Should I burn for your lipstick?

The winds of this city brought
Your perfume to my nose
My restless nostrils felt its scent.
The vanilla aroma in it
With notes of mandarin
Mingles with the summertime
And the sweat around your neck.
Should I flow with it too?
Vanishing scent the winds consume,
Should I fade with your perfume?

The air of the city brought
Your tear to my cheek
My tongue could taste its salt.
How many nights you spent alone
Having but guilt and shame,
Having but your face in the mirror,
A delicate fruit of rejection.
Should I share a tear too?
If you once cried for me
Should I also cry for you?

Cheek pressed against cheek
We felt reality was so thin,
The salty blood in your veins
With notes of mandarin
Gushed like an endless stream
To paint the night in red.
“Flee from the past now fled”,
Says the watery beer to you,
“Find in him a friend
That may kiss you too”.

And we made that night our own
As it faded from kiss to kiss
Then we held on to our phones
As one holds its final bliss.
Now the breeze behind my neck
And the moon of urban love
Tell me there’s no coming back.
So should I burn for you?
Like the ashes that are scattered
Around my doorstep?

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